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Cohousing Inclusive events

We coordinate networking as well as educational events and are happy to share our experiences regarding CoHousing Inclusive through book presentations and lectures or perhaps in a workshop during your event.


We are happy to contribute to your event by offering a lecture, taking part in a discussion, or even by organizing a workshop or a tour in Berlin, visiting interesting CoHousing projects in Berlin. For more details, please contact us:
Cohousing inclusive event

Events Overview

  • 14.06.2018
  • Medical School BerlinBerlin
at the Medical School Berlin
with Larisa Tsvetkova

Which solutions does CoHousing offer for self-determined living for people with and without disabilities? This lecture is part of the academic program for students in sociology and educational studies at the Medical School Berlin.

  • 31.05.2018
  • Mad City Riga 2018 FestivalRigaLatvia
at “Godvil”, former factory “VEF”
with Larisa Tsvetkova

The talk “Learning from European CoHousing – Urban Space as a Common Good” was a contribution to the two-day long international happening MadCity dedicated to unusual ideas for the future development of cities.
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  • 17.01.2018
  • University of Stuttgart
in cooperation with Institut Wohnen und Entwerfen, FG Architektur- und Wohnsoziologie
with Larisa Tsvetkova

In the University of Stuttgart, a lecture by is part of the official University program for architecture students, focusing on housing sociology.

  • 05.11.2017
  • Lecture and DiscussionTaipeiTaiwan
Lecture and Discussion
in cooperation with the organization OURs
at Wistaria Tea House
with Larisa Tsvetkova

After our an article about European CoHousing was published in the Taiwan Architecture magazine in cooperation with the organization OURs, Larisa Tsvetkova gave a lecture in Taipei for a smaller circle of local CoHousing activists, researchers, members of city administration, architects, developers, investors and students. In Taiwan, CoHousing is not very known yet, but the interest is growing and new networks are emerging.

  • 06.10.2017 07.10.2017
  • EXPERIMENTDAYS / European Collaborative Housing HubBerlinGermany
Book Launch and Exhibition
at CRCLR House
in the framework of the EXPERIMENTDAYS / European Collaborative Housing Hub
with Michael LaFond, Larisa Tsvetkova

The new publication and the exhibition has been launched in October 2017 at the European Collaborative Housing Hub with more than 300 visitors, including more than 50 CoHousing experts and activists from over 20 different countries. These two days emphasized exchanging experiences regarding implemented projects as well as ideas that are emerging in many different cities and regions.

  • 23.06.2017
  • Moscow Museum of Modern ArtMoscowRussia
in the framework of the series "Architecture and Freedom",
in cooperation with the Moscow Architecture School (MARCH)
with Larisa Tsvetkova

Moscow Architecture School invited Larisa Tsvetkova to give a lecture about inclusive CoHousing in Russian language for the local students, researches, architects and others. This event was public and free of charge, aiming to raise awareness about self-organized housing options as an alternative to commercialized, ownership-oriented housing market in Russia.