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CoHousing Inclusive

Self-Organized, Community-Led Housing for All

Experimental dwelling forms - CoHousing Cultures - are entering the mainstream. But to what extent are they accessible and affordable for all, including people with more or less money, with or without refugee experience, with or without disabilities? Community-led housing initiatives are already developing diverse, sustainable neighborhoods, driven by civil society and increasingly supported by foundations, cooperatives and municipalities as well as housing companies and developers.


Cohousing inclusive - Model Projects
Ten different model projects coming from six European cities express a new generation of CoHousing, dealing with issues of affordability, participation, inclusion and neighborhood development.
Cohousing inclusive - Visionary Projects
Four visionary, not yet realized projects from different German cities show how ideas of accessible housing are even further being developed.
Cohousing inclusive - Visionary strategies
Four visionary strategies coming from a number of regions are showing how new community-led housing and neighborhood projects can be assisted by larger, non-profit-oriented development structures.
Cohousing inclusive - Feature articles
Feature articles explain both options and challenges regarding ownership and organizational structures, as well as various forms of cooperation.


Statements are included from a large number of housing experts from around the world, to illustrate the diversity of practices, strategies and visions.
We hope this book, with its range of ideas and examples, provides inspiration for many new projects and strategies.
Portrait Dr. Michael LaFond

Dr. Michael LaFond


Portrait Larisa Tsvetkova

Larisa Tsvetkova


Portrait Vasylysa Shchogoleva

Vasylysa Shchogoleva